I have not crossed any reliable documented history about todays Iranian High Flyer. Although all today's pigeons are descendent and mutations of (Columba livia), the rock dove or rock pigeon or cliff dwelling Eurasian species which lived in Europe and Asia over 3000 years ago, there are over 300 species of them now and they all are different breeds with specific characteristics. Iranian breeders came up with a breed that flys slowly over the coops and very high (They do not fly fast like racing pigeon). They are breed for endurance and fly in high altitudes. They circle over the coope and go up until they become specks. They are also a good performers. Some fly vertically several feet before tumbling. May tumble several times in a row. They come in variety of colors. Colored shield and white body ( called Dobali / Dokathey/ Posht-dar) can come in black, brown, brown checkered , red, gray, yellow and a few other colors. Then there are self white, black, bronze , and all kind of spreads. Allthough some people do not put any emphasis on color and look, some like me would like to enjoy the beauty of them while they are on the ground and their fly while on the sky.