I would like to share my experiences with the novices and those who might be interested.

Despite the bad reputation that birds specially pigeons have among people, of being nasty and carry diseases, pigeon is a very clean bird. They would bathe every day if they get a chance, they try not to relief themselves in their loft if possible. Since we keep them in the loft most of the day, their loft need to be cleaned more often. It has to be kept dry. Damp and wet loft is a good condition for bacterias and viruses to grow and spread. Put a mask on when cleaning the loft.

To raise and keep healthy pigeons, START WITH HEALTHY ONES. Acquire your pigeons from a reputable breeder or people whom you know and can trust, refer to members of pigeon clubs that know their hobby. GOOd FEED, CLEAN WATER, CLEAN AND SPACIOUS LOFT, and DISEASE PREVENTION ARE THE MAIN INGREDIENTS OF RAISING HEALTHY PIGEONS. Use a fountain that prevents fouling and change its water more often, specially in summer time. I use pigeon mix which is a balanced nutrition and contains three kinds of peas, corn, wheat, and millets. I also feed them pigeon gravel which is a mix of different minerals. Do not feed them in their loft where the food may mix with their droppings. Bring them out and feed them on a clean platform. I feed once every evening before dark. One hand full feed is enough per pigeon. Over feeding high flyers have negative effect on their fly. I feed millets and gravel only to those that I fly and only one day in a week pigeon mix. This is from April to end of June. This diet keep them in shape (not over weight). Have a birs bath near by with clean water for them to bathe. they love it.
I do not think all the vitamins and additional minerals that most people recommend are necessary. If they are healthy, pigeon mix and gravel would be sufficient.


My experience in this area is minimal. Furtunately my pigeons have not had any of the following diseases except cold and running stool.
Do not introduce new arrivals to the loft. Keep them apart for a week to make sure there is no sign of sickness. Separate sick pigeons from others until cured. Most common disease among pigeons are:
Canker- Even though not fatal to the old birsd, it will kill youngsters. Symptoms are spongy yellow growth in the mouth or throat which eventually choke the youngsters. It can occur in liver, ovaries, etc. CARNIDZOLE, FISHZOLE, THONE, and TRONID can cure it.
PARAMYXOVIRUS is the most fatal and communicable disease among pigeons. Vaccinate with PMV-1 (AVIAN PARAMYXOVIRUS) once a year.
SALMONELLA, PARATYPHOID has vaccine. Sulfadiazynum, Trimethopriumum are very effective individual treatment for Salmonella.
WORM YOUR PIGEONS every three month. I use IVOMAC. 2-3 drops in the mouth or injection.
Have some of the following in case of infectious disease.
USE DRUGS BASED ON MANUFACTURE'S DIRECTION. These medicine can be obtain from most PIGEON SUPPLY companies. *****************************************************************************